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Elaine Seamans is the founder of the At-Choo Foundation. This organization dedicates its time to saving dogs. Elaine knows how hard it is to run an animal foundation because of the demands. But even with this dilemma, Elaine treats what she does as her moral obligation to the dogs.

Despite being a founder of a dog rescue group, Elaine never imagined that she would adopt a dog. According to Elaine, she is a dog lover, but she refuses to be a mom to one dog. This is because she wants to help as many dogs as possible and not only focus on one.

The woman knows that if she takes a dog in her house, her attention would be divided between the dog and the foundation she heads. It was a challenging decision for Elaine to go against her mantra in running the shelter when she met Dumpling.

Dumpling came from an animal shelter in Southern California. However, the shelter already closed down, so the dogs there were brought to different animal shelters. The pooch got lucky because the closing of her previous shelter paved the way for her to meet Elaine.

Elaine said that when she first saw Dumpling, there was a different connection between her and the pooch. Elaine clarified that she also felt a connection from all the dogs she encountered in the past. But Elaine’s encounter with Dumpling was different from the rest.

Elaine said this could be because Dumpling was already old and that the woman pities the dog’s situation. Although she could not understand what happened, Elaine decided to adopt the pooch.

Elaine understands that it would be challenging for the pooch to survive because of her age. As such, Elaine believed that it would be best to adopt the pooch for good.

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