When Chimbey was dropped off at a rural shelter, he couldn’t walk. His front legs were incredibly sore, and his elbow bones cracked up the skin on her front right leg. One look, and you’ll know that this poor dog has given up life.

Fortunately, Elli, founder of Mr. Bones & Co, a non-profit animal welfare organization based in New York City, learned about Chimbey and decided to help. “We can fix this,” she said.

Elli took Chimbey under her care. Since establishing the rescue organization, the 10-year-old pup is now her 63rd foster dog.

Under her foster mom’s care, Chimbey started to realize that he can be a dog again; happy and active. He hated having his bandages changed, but he knew his foster mom meant him no harm. Thus, he tried to be the perfect patient.

Chimbey needed at least 12 weeks of physical therapy sessions, which Elli started at home through the help of some tasty treats. Slowly, the senior dog began to gain confidence and gradually made it back on his feet.

“My goal is to make him strong so that we could find his forever home,” said Elli. So, she made sure Chimbey does not miss out any of his scheduled vet appointments. She also managed to get a wheelchair for the foster pup.

After two months of continued hard work, Elli received a great surprise. Chimbey started walking on his own. And he even ran through a slope without falling.

Realizing that Chimbey is ready, Elli began searching for potential adopters. And that’s when they met Janeen. They arranged a meet and greet session to see if they would click. And luckily, they did.

A month later, Chimbey went to his forever home. He met his dad, Eddie, and his two dog siblings, Zoey and Max. He even has a pig brother named Reeses and a few chicken playmates.

The once defeated dog is now a happy pup loving his new life. Thanks to Elli, Chimbey got the second chance that he deserves.

Credits to Mr. Bones & Co,


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