Dogs usually live up to 10 or 12 years old. During their senior years, they will most likely be slower and sleepier like our grandparents. However, August the Golden Retriever has proved this wrong as she celebrated her 20th year!

A fabulous senior dog in Oaktown, Tennessee, got to celebrate her 20th birthday (or 140th in dog years) together with her family at home. Reaching that age is a huge deal for our canine friends. So far, August, also known as Augie, is the oldest known living Golden Retriever.

It wasn’t always a smooth journey for the pooch during her younger years. Augie had been adopted twice before finally finding her forever home. The pup was born at her first home and stayed there for seven years until her first owners got divorced.

Fortunately, another hooman decided to adopt Augie. However, in 2014, as they grew older together, the pooch’s second hooman had to go into an assisted living facility and wanted the golden pup to be re-homed. A social worker from Utah helped Augie’s owner and looked for another home for the dog.

Jennifer Hetterscheidt, the co-founder of the Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada (GRRSN), received the social worker’s call and went to pick up Augie. She co-founded the organization back in 2003, along with other women, to help golden puppers find the perfect match for them.

Augie, who was 14-years old at that time, had already surpassed a dog’s common life span. The canine was under the care of the GRRSN until she turned 17 when Jennifer and her husband, Steve, decided to adopt her as they were preparing for retirement.

The Hetterscheidt family eventually moved into their current Tennessee home. Along with Augie, they also have three younger Golden Retrievers, Belle, Bruce, and Sherman. The couple was not expecting Augie to live as long as 20-years old, but they are grateful for such a milestone.

Although Augie is slower than she used to be, she still enjoys walking around their house together with her siblings. Even at her age, the pooch still loves jumping into their pool and swim around to fetch some balls. Augie is so lucky to have such healthy genes.

At the start of 2020, Jennifer and Steve planned to throw a big party for Augie’s 20th birthday. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they celebrated at home instead, together with a few close friends. Augie got to enjoy a delicious dog-friendly carrot cake with the whole family.

Video Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show

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