Sometimes, finding a home and people that are the perfect fit for shelter dogs takes ages. Unfortunately, dogs have a shorter life expectancy, and they don’t live as long as humans do. On many occasions, they spend quite some time waiting for a forever family to come by.

For Swampy, a 15-year-old bully mix, getting adopted seems challenging. So during Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, the pup was all dressed up, but luck was not on his side. The poor pup had already been in two different families. And despite being an amazing pup, he lost both of them. Hopefully, Swampy will get some luck by getting dolled up.

In Louisiana, the staff of St. Tammany Parish Animal Shelter strived harder to find Swampy a home of his own. He needed a nice and safe place to settle down for the rest of his life as soon as possible.

Swampy spent most of his time with a human companion who adored him. Unluckily, his human died so he was left alone. A homeless person took him in after that but had to give him up to a shelter because they definitely could no longer afford to take care of him.

Because of those circumstances, Swampy had lost two loving families cluelessly, leaving him unaided and downhearted. The shelter staff want to comfort the lonely pup wherever and whenever possible. So, for Saint Patrick’s Day, all the adorable pups in the shelter put on fancy dresses that match the festivity. They are hoping that Swampy and the rest of the dogs will finally find a home regardless of their looks and breeds.

Being a senior dog now, there is no more time to waste for sweet Swampy. He only dreamed of having a loving and welcoming home with someone to love and care for him forever. The pup deserves to live a blissful and happy life, and everyone is hopeful and excited about Swampy’s journey away from the shelter at the earliest.

Source: Kelley Varisco


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