Being rejected results in a strong flow of negative emotions. We feel sad and anxious because we tend to think that we are not good enough. This causes us to lose trust not only in people but in ourselves as well. To a certain degree, dogs feel the same way too.

That is why when one female adult pit bull was returned twice by his adopters, the mental and emotional toll got to her. She became a recluse and refused to mingle with other creatures. Thankfully, a man turned her life around, using his patience and love.

Trust issues

Raven absolutely adored being around people. She was playful and goofy. She loved running around big yards and could spend hours snuggled to her favorite humans.

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But she had one problem though. Raven couldn’t stand to be around other dogs. She was very territorial and possessive and had trust issues with other canines. This is the reason why, although she is a very lovable pooch, she was returned twice to the shelter.

Being rejected made her lose her confidence. She became very moody and isolated herself. Knowing that this is not the Raven they know, the shelter staff looked for help.

Foster dad

This is where Collin stepped in. he is a seasoned foster dad that has worked with many pit bulls with issues. The patient man took the challenge and brought Raven home with him. He soon learned that the dog thrived in a home environment, rather than the dull and dreary shelter.

Raven started trusting Collin and would stay by his side at all times. She became happy again and started showing his foster dad how much of a goofball she can be. But they still had to work out her problem with other dogs.

For the next month, Collin worked every day with Raven. Slowly and patiently introducing her to his other dogs. And soon enough, she has learned to live with them. It was a slow process, but it worked out for the best.

Not for long, she was ready for a new permanent home. And she did. She moved in with a new family where she has a three-year-old girl to play with. Hopefully, this will be the last home she will ever have.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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