The meat trade in China is undoubtedly horrible, not to mention that the most recent pandemic was said to have come from a wet market in Wuhan. “Wet” because everything there is wet — blood, melted ice, and other substances from various creatures—domesticated or not.

It can be a wolf pup, canine, feline, avian, serpentine—it’s still food for them regardless.

Dedicated to fulfilling the cause of saving dogs in the horrid meat markets in China, the Slaughterhouse Survivors rescued Pearl. The dog had found her permanent family in the US, all because of the three wonderful women who led the organization. Despite how many times animal advocates fought to obliterate the disgusting and cruel practice, slaughterhouses are still active in their butchering business.

The three brave ladies behind the organization are expats Aimee, Emily, and Haley. Once they had rescued a group of dogs from a slaughterhouse, and from that day on, they had decided to work together. They started to lead the uprising against the practices violating the animals and those endangering the public health. Soon they became a non-profit organization that coordinates with rescues across the globe to save, shelter and find families who can secure the dogs’ safety and welfare outside China.

They rescued Pearl; she had lost a limb and was suffering with a horrible skin infection. Pearl’s case was so severe, and her saviors were doubtful that she would survive after everything she had been through. Fortunately, she did.

No matter how slim her chance of survival was, her will to live was strong. She was a playful and happy dog once again; after a lot of tender loving care and plenty of medicated baths she was prepared to set off to her new life.

After two months, California became her destination with the help and support from Road Dog Rescue. Upon her arrival, she was welcomed with warmth and acceptance, she loved her new home and three new foster siblings. She didn’t care about her lost front leg—that wasn’t enough to take her down. She survived China, so what’s a missing limb to her?

She may have found a great temporary home, but the real thing was to find a permanent one with a family that would take care of her and love her. Within a few months, a dedicated and caring adopter was found qualified for Pearl.

Her new mom worked as a vet—which was perfect for Peael. Since this pup went through a lot, she will need some professional care that her new owner can provide.

Pearl’s new dog mom, is a veterinarian named Ashley, who lived in New York. She was excited to go on a road trip to her permanent home. She flew from China on a plane; it was a long journey ,but, like a limb she had lost; this meant nothing to her. The road trip to her forever home must go on!

Once she saw Ashley, the two immediately got along together like they’ve known each other for a very long time. Ashley swore to Pearl that she would provide the future she deserved and everything else Pearl needed. And it’s not just a new mom; she also had a new canine sister, Janet.

Even though Pearl was happy and energetic, her missing limb, which puts stress on her joints and hips, was dangerous for her. Ashley had placed Pearl in rehab, and there were rumors that she just might receive her prosthetic limb after China.

Pearl’s journey and healing were inspiring and could not have been possible without the help of the Road Dog Rescue and from the people from Slaughterhouse Survivors and the three women behind it.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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