A rescuer’s job is not always easy. There are a lot of factors that can make it challenging, one of which is the weather.

It was heavily raining one day when a group of rescuers received a report about an abandoned puppy. It was also getting dark, which means that the group needed to find the puppy urgently.

The rescuers needed to overcome the rain and the fast-approaching darkness. They needed to find the dog before night time because if it is left alone, it could be in danger. They might not find the puppy the next day.

The rescuers made sure that they doubled their steps and pushed through all the mud on the road. They went to the site where the puppy was last reported to be seen.

There was a great sense of relief from the rescuers when they found the puppy. As the rescuer, Cindy carried the dog in her arms, and it snuggled close to her.

The puppy needed love and affection. It did not stop being sweet to Cindy when they arrived at the shelter. The puppy that Cindy named Snowball was so adorable and was such a sweetheart.

The rescuers were wondering how someone could abandon such a sweet dog. Cindy can see that her right eye was smaller than her left eye. That must be the reason why she was abandoned.

It is such a petty reason. Others can be so heartless and desert an animal for no reason at all. Thankfully this puppy was saved. Snowball will soon have a loving family thanks to Cindy and her team, who battled through the rain to find her.

There a lot more puppies like Snowball who need help. They need stability with a loving family, and they need to know that there’s a good future waiting for them.

Source Northeast Animal Rescue, China via YouTube


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