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Feeding dogs is a daily routine for Ermioni, a rescuer in Greece. One day on her way to do just that, she encountered a furry dog. She stopped driving and went to check on the dog.

The rescuer got closer to the dog, but it just avoided her. It was then she thought the dog was terrified of people. Perhaps it has not been taken care of by a person.

Ermioni tried to attract the dog with food, and it eventually moved near to her. She finally got the chance to hold the lovely dog. It made her so delighted when she was able to get the dog without trying to escape her. The dog seemed comfortable that it snuggled up to Ermioni.

The dog looked afraid but did not object when took by Ermioni. The rescuer was aware of the dog’s distress, but she was amazed by the dog’s composure.

Ermioni quickly took the dog to the vet for medical examination. The dog was required to take medication and to remain in the animal clinic for a couple of weeks monitoring.

The dog will soon need a foster family, so Ermioni finds one for her while at the clinic. She was able to meet the one, ready to foster the dog.

The lovely dog prepared, and when everything was set, Ermioni took the dog to its foster home. The dog familiarized itself with its new environment. It was indeed a positive response from the dog.

It appeared that the dog was starting to embrace the changes going on with its life. Ermioni couldn’t be happier to witness the dog’s progress. Though Ermioni has to leave the dog to its new guardian, she promised to come and see it frequently.

Ermioni has great hope that she could also find the perfect adoptive family for the dog. The lost dog may have been unlucky before it was found, but there was a big turn of events when Ermioni did that full stop for the hairy dog.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue


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