Just like hoomans, dogs can look different from one another. It’s what makes them special and unique. No matter their differences, they can still offer the same kind of unconditional love that their hoomans deserve.

Brodie, a dog with facial differences, is the cutest pup you’ll ever meet. According to his hoomans, Amanda and Brad Richter, he looks just like a Picasso painting. With his jaw twisted on one side and his tongue, hanging out all the time, Brodie is certainly one of a kind.

When Brodie was born, her momma doggo was only 10 months old. Then his mother attacked him and bit him on the head when he just 13 days old. Nobody saw it happen but they heard the poor puppy crying and saw that there was blood everywhere.

People assumed that Brodie’s mom attacked him because of food aggression. As Brodie got older, his face grew in a different way which led him to what he looks like now. One of his eyes is blind and he can’t fully open his jaw, but luckily, his CT results showed that he didn’t have any brain damage.

When Brodie was eight months old, he was put up for adoption. Amanda and Brad immediately fell in love with Brodie when they first saw his photos online and felt that he had so much personality. And when they finally met him, they instantly knew that Brodie was meant to be a part of their family.

Brodie gets to enjoy his life now as a happy and healthy doggo. He loves running, playing outside, and joining his hoomans on road trips. He is also a smart pooch who will show you lots of tricks as long as you reward him with lots of treats.

Amanda made Brodie an Instagram account where they shared his amazing story. He gained more than 320,000 followers and inspires people around the world every day. Brodie encourages people that it is okay to be different and that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying life.

Video Credit: Good Morning America


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