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Animal lovers consider dogs as dependable and loyal friends, but in some countries, certain dog breeds are used as a status symbol. This means that some dog owners keep canines so they could show off their wealth and success. These dog breeds have never been a family member but a trophy or a piece of art to these people. This is what TinTin, a sweet Pitbull experienced when he was rescued in Bali, Indonesia, where dogs like Tintin symbolizes prestige.

TinTin’s original owner took the poor dog to the vet when he got sick. While it was the best thing to do for a dog to receive medical care, TinTin’s owner had a bad intention. The reason they brought the sick dog to the vet was not that they wanted him to get well, but because they no longer wanted him.

Not only was the Pittie underweight, but very sick as well. He lived in a cage at the vet clinic and received little care. The clinic didn’t care what was going to happen to the innocent animal as they sat back and watch him starve to death. TinTin’s suffering was finally over when the Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) came to help him.

They learned about Tintin’s condition when Ebony Owens, the rescue director, received a message from his Facebook. The sender was concerned with TinTin’s worsening health, and she knew that the rescue group would be able to save the dog. When Owens came to save the dog, he needed to take him to another vet where tests were conducted to know his current health condition. While it was clear that the emaciated dog was in bad shape, they needed further examination that would reveal potential health problems.

The veterinarian thought that with TinTin’s present state, he must have a serious illness like kidney failure or cancer. Luckily, Tintin only had a mild case of blood parasite because of the infestation of ticks. With the medical care given to TinTin, he was restored to his best condition. He’s currently under the care of BARC, and they’re confident that he was going to find a loving home soon.

OMG IS THAT TIN TIN?Believe it or not it is!What an amazing difference just one week of good food, love and around the…

Posted by BARC 4 BALI DOGS – Bali Adoption Rehab Centre on Monday, September 12, 2016

Image Source: BARC 4 Bali Dogs via Facebook


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