Elizabeth Spence, mom of three, has gone viral after posting sweet Instagram photos of her youngest child Archie snuggling with their rescue dog, Nora. The eight-year-old English Pointer is always by the ten-month-old baby’s side when he takes a nap, looking for some cuddle time.

Nora is frequently on the bed before Archie and snuggles up as close to him as she can. If not, she will soon follow because she knows snuggle time is about to begin. Remington, Spence’s second rescue dog, and the family’s three rescue cats also sleep with the adorable baby boy.

According to Spence, all of their pets adore Archie. He is a calm and friendly baby, and the dogs respond positively to his demeanor. But Archie isn’t the only one who attracts the dogs’ attention. Six-year-old Wellington and four-year-old Loretta also have a bond with the rescue dogs.

Nora came into the Spences’ lives when she was only 10 months old. She was then rescued from a puppy mill where she had lived her entire existence outside, unprotected from the harsh forces of nature. Spence stated that she instantly knew she had to take her home.

The family realized that welcoming rescue dogs to the household would be difficult. It was critical to respect their boundaries. So from an early age, the Spences instilled in their children a deep appreciation and respect for animals, particularly those rescued from terrible conditions.

The family’s passion for rescuing animals has been handed down to their children. Spence shared that one time her eldest boy was jumping on the bed a little too vigorously near Nora, who was napping. She could see she was terrified and reminded her son to be cautious around her because she was easily frightened.

Spence told her son all Nora had gone through, and the kid began to weep. He was furious that she could be treated that way. Spence added that it made her happy to know that her kid cares so much about animals and may one day become an advocate for them.

Credit: Elizabeth Spence via Instagram

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