You’ll never know what you’ll find floating in the ocean. Such is the case of a group of individuals who were sailing in Naples, Italy. They were basking in the sun’s friendly rays and dancing with the ocean’s waves when they saw something unusual.

The floating Noodle

They were expecting to see a marine animal, but to their surprise, it was Labrador puppy! It swam towards their boat, and it was desperately asking to be rescued. The abandoned puppy used all of his limbs to stay afloat. The rolling waves were not his friend, but he worked hard to keep his head above water.

Massimiliano Cappo, the director of the RYCC Savoia Club, was among the individuals on the boat. He and his companions worked together to rescue the abandoned puppy. It was so exhausted from all the paddling. The poor thing also wept and trembled, begging the rescuers for warmth. Cappo’s group consoled the puppy while taking it back to the shore.

Reunited at last

Cappo’s team thought the dog had no owner, so they started to look for individuals who were willing to adopt it. Luckily the puppy’s real owners got in touch with Cappo, and they were reunited with the pooch.

The puppy’s owner is Mario Di Meglio. He explained that he was traveling on a ferry with his family that morning from Ischia when Noodle, the abandoned puppy, fell overboard. Di Meglio informed the crew, but they did not stop the ferry. When they did not see a dog in the water, they insisted that the puppy had already drowned.

Di Meglio’s family could not believe that Noodle was with them again. They thought they lost him forever, but his courage and determination helped him survive. Watch the incredible rescue below:

Credits to The Daily Share

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