It’s always heartbreaking to lose a puppy. It’s even more heartbreaking when that lost puppy is found, yet the owner doesn’t want it anymore. A farmer was kind enough to give a truck driver an adorable little canine.

The truck driver was to deliver boulders from a quarry. The loading sound was too much for the puppy. It was terrified. The puppy ran away because of all that deafening sound.

The driver was to look for the puppy, but he needed to make sure he delivers his load on time too. The truck driver had no other option but to leave the puppy in the quarry. He was to look for the dog the following day, but it turned out to be a national holiday.

The whole quarry was empty. Rescuers from the Northeast Animal Rescue in China went to the area to search for the puppy. The quarry was so vast that it took them hours to go around and look for the canine.

The rescuers have been searching for hours, and they were getting tired. Just when they were about to stop searching, one of the rescuers, Cindy heard a very faint bark.

She followed the sound into the inner part of the quarry, and there she found the puppy. The puppy had no source of water or food for days, so it was a blessing when the rescuers gave her some.

The puppy was provided with the necessary medical treatments that he needed as well. The rescuers tried to reach out but cannot seem to contact the truck driver anymore. The truck driver also did not make any attempts to reach out to the rescuers.

Jade, the dog may have lost its owner, but it has found a few friends through the rescuers. One day, Jade will find his forever home.

Source Northeast Animal Rescue, China via YouTube


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