Golden retrievers are quite known for being one of the most intelligent breeds in existence. This is once again solidified with a video of a Golden Retriever named Harmonica who knew how to use toys.

In it, the pup gently wrestles with a stuffed bumblebee. That’s not something all too special for some, but if you could make the mundane look interesting, then you’ve got something going for you.

The video has already garnered thousands of views and the number keeps growing. What’s even better about this is that you could do what she did to make something normal look interesting and cute.

What makes the dog so unique really comes down to her natural ability to look ecstatic. Harmonica looked like that even when she’s only playing with a toy.

What’s more, the video also shows how Harmonica is so gentle with it. You could say that she’s got a touch of class to her and most of you would agree.

Some would argue, though, that it isn’t just about being gentle with a toy, but rather it has to do with how you play with it.

Harmonica clearly loves a challenge as she tried to bite the plaything from every angle possible.

At some point, it looked like she was about to have a major crick in the neck. It helped that the toy looked like it was in a perpetual grin.

Maybe that was the secret to how Harmonica knew exactly where to bite. Although Harmonica couldn’t get a grip on the bee, she continued to use an aggressive persistence approach.

It might have been too much at one point as she dropped the stuffed to rest a bit. However, it didn’t last long for even after changing tactics, she was back. Gracias for putting grins on our faces, doggo!

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube

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