Kamilla Ferreira wanted to have a pet dog, so she decided to adopt a 4-month-old Pit Bull named Nino. Kamilla instantly fell in love with Nino because he always acts like a big baby doggo who loves to snuggle.

Kamilla admitted that she could not help but feel surprised whenever people on the streets steer clear of him because they find him scary. Kamilla said that strangers get scared of Nino because of how tough he looks, but their minds instantly change the second they interact with him.

Kamilla shared that Nino loves welcoming everyone he comes across on the street by greeting them with his big goofy face. She said that people even know Nino by name in her neighborhood.

Kamilla said that Nino has a strong bond with her younger sister, Carol. She shared that Nino particularly loves to snuggle with Carol and that there is always a nap involved whenever the two are together.

Kamilla described Nino as a professional cuddler, and she was able to see it in action when she caught the two snoozing in the backseat of her car after a quick trip to the beach. Kamilla said that Nino spent his day running around in the sand and looking so thrilled while experiencing the water for the first time.

Carol immediately dozed off in the backseat of Kamilla’s car during the car ride back home, while Nino tried his best to stay awake. However, the vehicle’s gentle motion lulled Nino to sleep, and the two napped side by side.

Kamilla saw how adorable Nino and Carol were, so she decided to film it and post it on her social media account. Nino became an internet sensation for looking so cute while trying his best to fight off his sleepiness.

Source: ninoobully via Instagram

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