This homeless Pit Bull had been staying in this vacant lot that was, at some point, a construction site, and perhaps it still was because there were tunnels in the ground — like they were about to start on the foundations. He wasn’t so big that he would frighten people off just by seeing him, but he was big enough to give people pause — except, he had a rather shy disposition. Combine this gentle nature with his homelessness and wouldn’t want to help him somehow — by giving him food, or better yet, by finding him a home?

When Eldad and Loreta arrived at the address of the vacant lot, they found the dog sitting at the very center like it was the safest spot there, because of the tunnels that had been dug up around it. They hurriedly worked to barricade the only entrance and exit with the plastic fence that they brought so that the dog wouldn’t escape, and then they proceeded to approach the dog purposefully, albeit calmly. The Pit Bull didn’t budge from his location, nor did he greet the newcomers with enthusiasm — he looked like he had mixed feelings of relief and apprehension at meeting them.

stafford, american staffordshire terrier, terrier

The cheeseburger that they had brought for him seemed to cheer him up a little, and they were able to easily put a leash on him, but he didn’t seem to want to get up. With the helo of the very person that had called them regarding the poor creature’s situation, they removed the dog from his resting spot by pulling him into their portable cage and carrying the cage to their vehicle. And it was probably due to his nervous state, but he passed gas onto Eldad’s face as they were trying to get him into the cage!

Not exactly how anyone would want to end a rescue operation, but at least now he was safe. They named him Odin.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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