A Pit Bull is a particular dog breed notoriously discriminated against because of recent breed-specific laws. Any responsible pet owner would agree that a dog’s disposition, regardless of the kind, always depends on their upbringing. Pets that raised in loving households would have real and sweet personalities as a result.

This breed often plays the victim of dog fighting clubs and puppy mills, which would explain the tendency for some to be aggressive and dangerous. However, exposing these dogs to a positive environment where they experienced freedom and love, the difference in their temperament is remarkable. One shining example would be a Pit Bull named Roxy.

Despite this unsavory reputation, Roxy is set to prove the stereotype against her breed as entirely false. If given a chance to complain, this pup would most certainly whine about how her dad took too long to come home. And she did have a lot to say about it also!

The second her dad steps inside, the video shows Roxy overcome with excitement. Her tail wagged enthusiastically while her face shone with happiness. When asked if she missed him, Roxy proceeded to give him a stern talking to.

As loud as she can, Roxy voiced her complaints on how her dad took too long to come home. This sight of a sweet dog reprimanding her dad because he wasn’t available for cuddles and kisses is a complete turnaround from the typical portrayal of Pit Bulls. It’s refreshing to see how a sheltered dog like Roxy has owners that shower her with warmth and love.

After a grueling day hard at work, a welcoming greeting like this acts as a soothing balm to a person’s tired spirit. Nothing beats having your fur baby wriggle with barely concealed delight, knowing they’ve spent the entire day waiting for you. Home is where your heart, and your dog, is.

Source: Pawmygosh.com
Video courtesy of Youtube


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