Although some pets do not belong in the same species, they could still be the best of friends and would always stay together. An excellent example would be the friendship between Ruby Sue, a pit bull, and Penelope Rose, a potbelly pig.

These two pets were on the hunt for a new home, following the demise of their human.

More about their unlikely friendship

Jessica Overlock, one of the people who looked after the pets, said that they had been caring for them since their owner, who happened to be her close friend and neighbor, passed. Jessica had always been the pet’s caretaker when Penelope Rose and Ruby Sue’s owner was away. She had remained close to them, as she just lived next door.

The animals’ owner had no immediate family that could be contacted, and his family in Ohio had no interest in the pets – so that left Jessica as the only choice to be the caretaker.

Though the differences between the two animals were significant, they still bonded and filled each other with love. Jessica said that they didn’t know they were a pig and a pit bull — the two were just sisters.

Finding the most suitable home for them

Although taking in a pit bull and a pig might not make the most typical adoption story, Jessica emphasized that keeping the two buddies together was non-negotiable. She said that she promised that she would find a forever home that would welcome both of them.

Because the news had reached many people, Jessica had heard from many possible families who were eager to see if they could make the perfect fit for Ruby Sue and Penelope Rose. However, when it came to determining who would be the best fit, there were a few things Jessica was on the lookout for. Ruby Sue was good with all people, but the pit bull could aggressive to other dogs and cats.

Video Source: 12 News via YouTube


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