While most of us are safely tucked away in our homes during the COVID-19 outbreak, medical frontliners are giving everything they have to save lives. Doctors, nurses, orderlies, and other staff members spend countless hours making sure their patients get all the care and treatment they need.

Most of the medical team members stay in the hospital for days, getting only a few hours of rest in between shifts. Many regard them as modern-day heroes for their dedication to their work. But, when their long shift is done, they are also humans who feel the stress of working long hours nonstop.

Fortunately for the Rose Medical Center staff in Denver, they have a therapy dog named Wynn who helps them destress.

Support and comfort

Wynn is a one-year-old Yellow Labrador owned by an emergency room physician named Dr. Susan Ryan. She works at the Rose Medical Center as well.

Dr. Ryan has had Wynn since she was just eight weeks old. Because of her temperament, the pup was deemed a good candidate for therapy dog training. And ever since she got started on her program, her owner frequently brought her to the hospital so she could gain exposure and experience.

Dr. Ryan would take Wynn to her rounds. She showed amazing talent in providing support and comfort to the patients. And when the COVID-19 virus started to infect many people, she also used her skills on the medical staff.

Weary frontliners

Dr. Ryan saw how the upsurge of incoming patients took a toll on the hospital staff. So she set up one of the offices to become a destressing room. The ER doctor set the mood with some soothing music and low lights. And, of course, Wynn was there to comfort any of the staff members who came in.

Many of those who used the room was thankful for the chance to clear their minds and worries. And most of all, they found a friend who was just there for them and not asking for anything else.

Source: Canine Companions Rocky Mountains/Instagram

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