Nabi is a stray kitten that lost her mom to a car accident. She is part of a litter that was torn apart and went on their separate ways. As they were very young when their mom died, they needed someone to care for them.

Fortunately for Nabi, she found a gentle and loving dog who took her in and showered her with affection.

This dog is a Golden Retriever named Daebak.

Snuggle and kisses

According to Daebak’s owners, they didn’t know how the homeless kitten found its way to their property. They also don’t have any idea where her other siblings were. They just learned about Nabi’s background through their neighbors.

They were just surprised when they saw one day that the small orange kitty was inside their dog’s house. They quickly noticed that their dog was very fond of the tiny cat. He always snuggled against her and would actively play with her. He would sometimes carry her by the neck and would frequently lick her face and body.

The two creatures also usually slept together. And when it was cold, the dog would cover her with his body for warmth. When it’s mealtime, the dog would share his food with her. Although sometimes, he would playfully snatch the food away from the kitten.

And when the kitten leaves, Daebak would be sad until she returns again. He always welcomes her back excitedly.


Aside from having food and shelter, the kitten frequently stays with the dog because she genuinely adores him too. As she was orphaned at a very young age, she sees Daebak as her surrogate parent. Nabi looks for love and attention from the pooch. And she sees him as her protector too.

The dog’s owners are glad that the two found each other. They know that the kitten makes their pet happy and that is more than enough for them. They hope that the kitten would never leave as they have fallen for her as well.

Source: SBS TV via Youtube


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