Despite being neighbors for four years, Odie’s and Iris’ parents never knew much about each other and that was the case for Odie and Iris as well. For one, Odie was not really fond of every dog he meets. Some he likes and others, not so much. As for Iris, she was always very wary of other dogs after being attacked while in a doggy daycare.

But things changed when Iris and Odie met during a walk. They just sniffed each other and for some reason, they immediately clicked and went to full zoomies play mode, much to the surprise of their owners.

Iris was comfortable around Odie and Odie became obsessed with her. The two just enjoyed their time together and Odie didn’t care that he was just a third of his girlfriend’s size. They would run together and whenever Iris stopped, Odie would give her a lot of kisses as he could never get enough of her.

One day, Odie was accidentally let out and he quickly snuck out and went straight to Iris’ front door. He wanted to play with her.

After that, they both started looking outside and patiently waiting for each other. They would also both get excited whenever they hear each other’s names. Then it became a habit that they just see each other outdoors or indoors in either of their houses.

They even get gifts for each other. Iris got Odie a dalmatian pillow and Odie got her matching collars. They even do dates with Odie wearing a tuxedo collar and he definitely looked so dashing. Their love story was almost even better than most romantic movies.

Odie and Iris also got their parents connected with each other. Previously they’d only recognize each other as neighbors and nothing more. But now they’ve become good friends because of their dogs being in this relationship.

Source: YouTube via Rocky Kanaka


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