Sandi is a 12-year-old Pit Bull and Boxer mix who had been in the shelter for six years. She was taken to the shelter after being rescued.

Sandi lasted longer in the shelter than any of the other rescued dogs. She had gotten used to her life in the shelter and became at ease with the volunteers.

But after years of waiting, Sandi’s lucky day finally arrived. At exactly 2461 days, someone wanted to adopt Sandi.

Two ladies went to the shelter to look for a dog to adopt as they have lost their pet dog. Ever since they laid eyes on Sandi, they just never stopped thinking about her.

This made them decide to adopt Sandi. Though she was already an adult dog, the new parents knew that they still have a lot of years to enjoy with Sandi.

When the day of adoption came, Sandi could not hide her excitement. She just kept wagging her tail and waited for her new parents. It was as if she knew she would have a new home at the end of the day.

Her new parents were also happy and excited to finally take Sandi home. They knew Sandi was the best dog for them.

Because of the adoption, Sandi now received the care, love, and attention she never received from her previous owners. She will live in a home where she will be treated as their own loved one.

While elderly dogs have a lower likelihood of getting adopted than pups, this is not the case with Sandi. She proved that all dogs in shelters have the chance to be in a happy home with a wonderful family who would love them unconditionally.

Adoption was also a major goal for rescued pets. It was always an emotional sight, as the rescuers were happy to learn that their dogs will find new owners.

Source: AnimalWised via YouTube

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