Among the various objects that dogs play with, one can consider balls as the crowd favorite. With this round toy, fur parents can entice their pooches to perform a variety of tricks and games.

As such, it’s not unusual to find an adorable French Bulldog do everything in its power to reclaim a ball that’s far from his reach. Despite the struggle, the dog focuses all his energy to achieve its goal.

I’ll come and get you!

In this short video, one can see a black-furred French Bulldog focusing its gaze on something perched on the window sill. A closer look reveals that the pooch’s object of interest’s a yellow-green tennis ball.

However, as the tennis ball’s near the window, the pooch needs to stretch its stubby paws to get it. The bulldog then starts his ball retrieval operations by extending his right leg towards it.

At first glance, it seems the pooch will easily accomplish this task. However, after making a few attempts, the dog lost its grip on the ball. Inevitably, the ball rolled farther away, prompting the pooch to think of a better strategy.

Here we go again.

Since he failed at his first attempt, the French bulldog makes another go with the task. Still using his right paw, he firmly grips on the tennis ball before rolling it towards his direction.

But, just like his earlier attempts, the bulldog failed to bring the ball closer to his direction. Despite using a stronger force, the ball still rolled towards the window. Still refusing to give up, he pauses for a bit to come up with a better strategy.

Do you think the pooch got his tennis ball in the end? If you wish to find out what happened next, feel free to click on the play button in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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