Letting your dogs be near your baby? It doesn’t sound like a good idea for some parents. Safety issues would be the number one reason some wouldn’t agree to it. However, not all parents have the same opinion.

Two amazing, large, light-brown Weimaraners were expecting a new member of the family because their owner was pregnant. When the baby came into this world, both dogs made sure he will get the love and support he needs. It’s amazing how confident the parents were in letting their child sleep with the dogs.

From the moment of conception up to her labor, the dogs were at her side. A picture also showed that even the dogs felt that someone was coming. The mother occasionally let her beloved dogs lean on her belly.

A video of the dogs and the baby showed that they got along just fine. It captured some heartwarming moments as the baby was sleeping beside them, smiling. It also showed in this video that the dogs would lick the baby’s hand, foot, and cheeks.

The dogs have a tendency to cuddle the baby, and it seemed like they don’t want to leave it, even just a second. The parents also recorded some cute moments in this video where it showed the baby’s funny and cute facial expressions when the dogs were kissing him.

The dogs also kept the baby warm by cuddling him. There’s no sign of resistance from the baby. The baby felt safe in the arms of his brothers. They made sure that the baby sleeps well and feels loved.

Sometimes, myths are just myths. There’s no proof of their existence so we must find out the truth. It’s so inspiring that these parents had trusted their dogs with their child. They wouldn’t have known that the baby and the dogs could have such a wonderful relationship!

Dog waited 9 long months for baby brother. This video proves i…

Dog waited 9 long months for baby brother. This video proves it was all worth it <3 <3

Posted by Pugs Are My Everything on Monday, October 30, 2017

Source: ohmypup.com


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