Would it not be interesting to hear our furbabies talk with real words? Well, of course! It turns out it’s possible, and it could be the most exciting thing you’d read about today.

Christina Hunger, a speech-language pathologist, has an 18-month-old Catahoula/Blue Heeler mix whose name is Stella. Christina has been working with young children who have speech and language difficulties. Many of these children need assistive technology to be able to communicate their wants and needs.

As a mom dog and a speech-language pathologist, Christina wondered if she could teach Stella to communicate using actual words. At just eight weeks old, Stella started learning how to communicate. Her mom taught her how to use a programmed device where she would step on buttons that correspond with words.

Stella uses this unique device to “talk” and tell her mom her thoughts. So far, Stella already knows 29 words, and she’s able to make 5-word sentences using these words.

One day, Stella was whining at the front door, thinking that she just wanted to go outside. Stella walked over to her communication device and tapped out the words, “want,” “Jake,” “come.” Christina was amazed to see her fiancé, Jake, came home. What amazed her the most was when Stella then pressed “happy” and positioned herself for some belly rubs.

Stella also uses her communication board to let Christina know her worries. Once, she heard a noise outside and hurriedly pressed, “look” nine times! before pressing “come outside” as he looked to her mom for help in checking what was causing the strange noise outside

Christina hopes to teach other dogs the same things that Stella learned. Stella has started using both paws to make her sentences faster. Christina also says that Stella seems to be developing conversational turn-taking skills like answering questions.


Source: iJustMadeThis4MyFam via YouTube

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