The authorities received a call about a disturbance in a Daytona Beach motel last December 14, 2020. The policemen rushed to the location and saw a woman throwing her German Shepherd off the second-floor balcony.

The officers quickly arrested the dog’s owner, Alison Murphy, as soon as the woman finished committing the crime. Fortunately, the pup, which has been renamed Miracle after being rescued, did not sustain severe injuries from the harrowing fall.

One of the animal control officers at the scene volunteered to foster Miracle until she finds the perfect family for the dog. Miracle’s foster mom gave her all the love, cuddles, and treats that she never received from her previous owner.

Miracle was deeply traumatized by what happened to her. Luckily, Miracle’s foster mom never gave up on her because the poor pup eventually recovered and went back to her playful state after three long months.

Ted, a former marine corp official that served in Afghanistan, and his wife, Bridget, saw Miracle’s story and decided to apply for her adoption. Miracle was introduced to Ted, and everyone was surprised how happy the dog was to be by Ted’s side.

Ted and Miracle bonded right away, making everyone feel that the two were a complete match made in heaven. Volusia County government officials eventually posted an update that they have found a perfect home for Miracle as soon as Ted’s adoption application got approved.

Ted shared that he wanted to adopt Miracle because he knew that they could help each other heal from the traumas they have experienced. True enough, the two have been helping one another get better with each passing day.

Ted and Miracle’s caretakers shared how happy they were that the dog finally has a loving family that would love her forever. Now, Miracle will live the rest of her days as a companion to her new human best friend.

Source Fox 35 Orlando via Youtube


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