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Not all heroes wear capes. Some just wear plain clothes and live right next to you.

Johnny Mathis, a 27-year-old Texan man, was on his way to his flat when he saw his neighbor together with her Pomeranian dog waiting outside the building’s shared elevator. When the elevator came, his neighbor went inside hurriedly. The door then started closing, but to Mathis’s surprise, she left her beloved dog outside.

Before the dog could even be lifted from the ground by its leash, Mathis sprung into action. He ran toward the dog and removed its collar. The Pomeranian could have been choked to death if Mathis did not move fast.

Mathis could not believe what had just happened, so he tweeted the whole thing. According to him, his neighbor was unaware that her dog was not following her inside the elevator. As soon as she realized that the dog was left outside, she started screaming. That’s when Mathis saved her dog from getting choked as the elevator moved up. 

This heroic rescue was caught on the building’s security camera footage. It was then shared on social media, and it went viral in an instant. Mathis became a media sensation and an animal rescue hero overnight.

Mathis said that his instincts kicked in, so he grabbed the leash to save the dog. Since there were a lot of furs, it took him longer to get the lever off the collar. Once done, the strap just flew off to the top of the elevator.

The Texan man was happy that he was there to help. He definitely was in the right place at the right time. He knew this incident could happen to anyone, so he advised pet owners to be more vigilant when riding the elevator with their pets.

Watch this heroic rescue in the video below.

Source The Animal Rescue Site via YouTube


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