A dog aged 12 years old named King had a harder life than the other dogs around; he has experienced wandering on the street most of his life.

After being hit by a vehicle, one of King’s front limbs was amputated. He had undergone a surgical procedure he badly needed, and a particular rescue team named Marley’s Mutts arrived to help look for the adult dog a beautiful home.

The rescuers feel they are going into it. Aside from being an adult dog, he also lost a leg.

A few months have passed, no one is eager and capable of taking the dog. Till Rocky Kanaka, a television host of a famous dog show called Dog’s Day Out, happened to hear the touching story of King. So, Rocky believed King is worthy of having a special day.

The animals being featured on Rocky’s program are given a large audience. Most often, these featured animals ended up finding a happy life: an adoption.

As Rocky was planning on what to offer for the senior dog, he realized that King needs a shopping binge.

Everything that King touched would surely become his. Indeed, Rocky had a great time. The very first object that King pointed was a big container of food for dogs. So, it means he still has a sense of smell.

Next, Rocky brought him to the toy section of the store, where there is a lot of fun. King pointed a rope, a leather bone, a big ball, and a Nerf rifle. His tail was wiggling as he was doing all these things. Rocky was even shocked when King chose a cat tree.

When King’s shopping treat was viewed in public, an interested person contacted Rocky telling his interest in adopting King. Before, his life was full of troubles, yet now all those bad memories will be replaced with good ones. Surely, he will have a loving family that will keep him forever.

Here is an excellent video that shows the inspiring story.

Video credit Rocky Kanaka via YouTube


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