A Korean family got worried when they noticed that their dog refused to take care of her own litter. From the moment they were born, Byeol didn’t want to nurse them and would always go far from the puppies.

She basically ignored her babies and would act up every time they were brought next to her. The family had no choice but to bottle feed the pups.

Surrogate mom

When the pups were a few weeks old and could walk and play on their own, they would try to go to their mother. But Byeol would become aggressive towards them. She didn’t want to have anything to do with her kids. Especially when they got rowdy and hyperactive.

The puppies, like most dogs their age, loves to run around and play. They are also very curious and would investigate everything around them. They would also chew anything that they could get their teeth into. Thankfully, the family has another adult female dog that was willing to be their surrogate mother.

Role model

Dal took the mantle as the five pup’s role model. She taught them how to be dogs and would also set them straight when they are being too naughty. She would also play with them a lot. Even though they were not her puppies, she adored them.

But eventually, the family noticed that Dal was getting exhausted. The five puppies were becoming too much for her. She started becoming sad and even refused meals sometimes. The owners thought that maybe they needed an adult male dog that will help her in her parental duties. That is when Doil got into the picture.

Shared responsibility

When Doil was introduced to Dal, the female dog didn’t want to be friends with him at first. She snarled at Doil whenever he tried to go near her. Seeing that she wasn’t ready yet, the male dog went instead to the five puppies and played with them.

When Dal noticed that the pups liked their new friend, she became more open to him. She would join them while playing and she accepted him as a new member of the family. Best of all, she can now share the responsibilities of raising the five pups.

Source: SBS TV via Youtube

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