An unnamed felon based in Hillsborough County owns a Pit Bull named Ace. Ace knew nothing but a life of abuse because his owner always tied him up outside the house.

Unfortunately, Ace’s owner was in a foul mood one evening and decided to take his anger out on the poor pittie. Ace was tortured all night and ended up being shot not once or twice but seven times.

The gunshot pierced through Ace’s nose and into his face and crushed most of the bones in his legs. Ace suffered from many gunshot wounds because he could not run away from his owner due to being tied up in a post.

Luckily, Ace was rescued and brought to the animal hospital, where his gunshot wounds were treated by a veterinarian named Dr. Jill Kirk. Dr. Kirk recalled how shocked she was that Ace was still in high spirits despite everything he suffered.

Dr. Jill said that Ace’s legs are at risk of being amputated, but she shared that the dog loves it whenever his cast gets changed. Ace instantly rolls over for a belly rub as soon as the doctors are done cleaning his wounds, showing them that he appreciates what they are doing.

No one knew where Ace’s criminal of an owner was, but everybody is looking for the perpetrator who abused the sweet Pit Bull. Now, Ace is getting tons of attention and love from different people, something he has never experienced before. Even though he is in pain, he is still calm, friendly, and very much approachable.

Dr. Kirk and the people involved in rescuing Ace shared how angry they were that such a sweet dog like Ace suffered so much. Fortunately, Ace will no longer suffer because all he will know now would be nothing but love.

Source: WFLA News Channel via YouTube


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