When residents of a small village in Seoul, South Korea heard about the redevelopment project in their community, they immediately started packing their things. One by one, they moved out, and within a few months, more than 50% of the villagers have relocated. The ones left were simply smoothing things out, but like their neighbors, they were ready to leave everything behind.

Churches, restaurants, and schools closed their doors as they found new places where they could continue their business. Every building in town was set to be demolished. But inside a Kindergarten, which has been empty for no less than 2 years, a white Jindo was seen.

According to one concerned neighbor, the dog has been inside the schoolyard for at least 7 months. She was clueless as to how the pup got there but she felt the need to help so she started feeding it. She tried to get it out but there was no way out.

Another Good Samaritan attested to seeing the pup at about the same time. Like the kind lady, he also spent several months feeding the dog. He tried to gain its trust but he just couldn’t find a way to rescue it.

Soon, local rescuers came. They surveyed the entire area, and while they initially thought there was really no easy way in or out, they realized they were wrong. The dog could have left the campus but it chose to stay for some reason.

People agreed the Jindo, now called Baekgu, had an owner in the past. The Kindergarten was probably the last place where she saw her owner and that’s where she hoped to see her family again. Sadly, she had no clue no one was coming back for her.

The rescuers struggled to catch the dog. They chased after her as she tried so hard not to get caught. But eventually, they managed to secure her. They knew how stressed she was so they comforted her and they gave her all the time she needed before transporting her to the vet.

Baekgu needed to address some health issues but it took no time and she was ready to find her home. She needed to wait, but unlike before, someone came. Her new mom picked her up and brought her home.

Credits: Kritter Klub

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