After their 14-year-old labrador passed away, Jeff and Joy Farmer didn’t think that they would be able to adopt a new dog right away. Their precious pet was with them for a long time, and when he left, there was a deep void in their hearts. It felt that no dog can ever fill that up.

But things changed for the Kentucky couple when they saw the face of a dog staying at a shelter in California. According to an informative post on social media, the stray pooch was scheduled to be euthanized. They felt sad for the poor pup and couldn’t get over how frightened she was in her photo.

They wanted to save her, so they acted quickly. They got in touch with the shelter and filed for her adoption. The shelter agreed to bring the dog to Las Vegas where the couple met her. They wanted to take her home right away.

Escaped dog

Unfortunately, though, they weren’t able to fly her back to Kentucky. So they arranged to have her transported by a company. Jeff and Joy flew back home and eagerly awaited their new dog, which they named Cali.

What they didn’t expect was that the dog was able to escape from her handlers. And when the couple learned about it, they were deeply disappointed and worried.

They immediately sought help through social media to find their lost pooch. A lot of people shared their posts, and a nonprofit rescue organization saw it and offered their services. After one week, they were able to find Cali and catch her.

Jeff and Joy were relieved to hear this.


This time, the couple wanted to make sure that Cali would get to their home without any problems. Jeff flew to las Vegas and rented a car. He then drove all the way home with Cali by his side. It was a long and tiring trip, but they knew that the dog was worth it.

Source: @ky_cali_furever/Instagram


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