A man visited several pet shops around New York City that sell puppies and kittens, and he prepared some questions to ask the owners, employees/managers.

Every shop he visits, he asks where the animals came. He also asks them the number of times the mother breeds, and the environmental conditions where the animals stayed.

While the answers he got from most of the shops somehow oozed ignorance, that the animals came from “hobby breeders,” he even got hey told him responses that were far from the facts. They also said to him that puppy mills do not exist anymore.

The man knows that puppy mills exist because this man that visited several shops to ask around is an undercover investigator for Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS). And he singlehandedly managed to document every single visit he made at the stores.

There is an extensive commercial breeding facility that provides these pet stores the animals to sell. Most of the pet store owners believed that the breeding animals run around in open yards, safe in homes, and the mothers retire from breeding over time.

The investigator reported all of these last May 2018, and they released the video recently to the public as New York considers to ban the selling of dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores.

The banning of animal selling in New York would make them the third to take this vital step for animal welfare. Pet shops could involve their shops to team up with various rescue team, lessening the problems of those animals without a  home.

Not only that, but the ban may also mean that we can save a lot more animals that are at risk of euthanization. The animals won’t be forced to breed over and over; they will be free and will have the chance to be loved.

I believe that the awareness we raise today is the future of our dear animals. Watch the report below and share it as much as you can to spread the knowledge.

Video Credit Companion Animal Protection Society‘s YouTube Channel

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