It’s heartbreaking to see a dog mourn for another dog. There’s not much information regarding whether a dog understands death, but it’s obvious that these animals know how to mourn the loss of a companion dog. Dogs that mourn display a similar behavior just like what we do when we mourn. For example, they also lose their appetite and interest in certain activities.

You should consult your vet about this behavior. Your veterinarian will help you with prescription medication to help your dog. These medications can help your dog with their anxiety. In this article, we will discuss what else you can do for a grieving dog.

A different position

Think of it this way, when a dog is mourning they are doing so because a pack member died. The position that comes with that member is also gone. It may be a leader dog that lost its follower. It might be a follower dog that lost its leader. Your role now is to help them transition into a different position in your home.

Subtle distractions

An increase in attention, affection, and care for your dog will greatly improve their well-being during this process. An increase in activity also helps distract your dog by making them focus their attention on other things they like doing. Take them out for a walk more often, or you can even buy them new toys they can distract themselves with.

Even an old dog can be still be taught new commands and routines. Make time to train your grieving dog with new tricks and games. You should also set aside several minutes of the day to bond with them.

The importance of patience

The concept of time healing all wounds applies to canines as well. Don’t get frustrated with your dog if they don’t show an immediate response to your training. Eventually, they will recover from it, so all you need is a bit more patience.

It’s important to note that when dogs are grieving, and they do something you dislike, ignore it. If your dog is noisy, let him be. Only show them affection and attention when they are calm and quiet. You shouldn’t reward or reinforce negative behavior.

Getting a new dog

You should seriously reconsider getting a new dog. It may not be the best time to do this no matter how well your intentions are. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

First, older dogs do not like having their environment altered or changed. You should realize that your dog is going to come around and get used to being a solo dog after some time. Don’t rush the process and let your dog go through this critical process. After all, you probably don’t want to search for a new companion after a significant friend or relative dies.

You know the value of going through the mourning process. You know that whoever you lost can’t be replaced. Think of this, use this mindset and apply this to your dog’s situation. Be patient and show extra care, both you and your dog will be able to move on.


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