Rommel Quemenales is an 11-year-old boy who lives a life of poverty. At a very young age, his father left their family home in Quezon City, Philippines. His sister eventually moved away and started her own family. And his mom didn’t have much interest in her kids.

Rommel had a brother, who was his best friend, who got lost several years earlier. The small boy is basically alone and lives on the streets most of the time. He begs for money every minute that he is there. What he collects is used to buy food for himself, but primarily, for his new best friend,

It is a stray dog that he adopted and named Badji, after his lost brother.


Despite having some friends in the streets, Rommel has always missed his brother and would frequently feel lonely. He would walk the streets alone while he politely begs people for change. He would sometimes visit his sister, and occasionally drop by to see his mother, but he never really felt that he had a family.

That is why when he found Badji, he found the kinship that he has long searched for. He reminded him of the times when he would play happily with his sibling. And since the moment they met, the two stayed by each other’s side all the time.

The adorable dog would follow the young boy everywhere. Sometimes, when the pooch gets tired, Rommel would carry him around.


Because of his financial difficulties, Rommel stopped school once he finished the second grade. But he has always dreamt of finishing his education.

Fortunately for him, some people helped him get enrolled in a public school. The young boy then used the money he collected to purchase school supplies. Whenever he attends classes, he leaves Badji with his sister or his mother.

Hopefully, things work out for this young Filipino boy, and he gets a better future. As for now, he is working hard for his dreams to come true, and his dog is his best support and inspiration.

Source: GMA Public Affairs via Youtube

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