Stray dogs often live their life on their own. They tend to avoid people, mistrusting their intentions. Sometimes, however, homeless dogs form a bond with Good Samaritans that are kind to them.

Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte encountered one such bond when they rescued a homeless dog. After responding to the call and arriving at the scene, the rescuers saw the pooch lying on the grassy part of the sidewalk. Loreta moved towards the pup and offered it food, but it got nervous and started to walk away.

The rescuers slowly followed the dog by car, cautious not to scare it further. They hoped the pooch enters an enclosed yard to make the rescue easier. They noticed, however, that the pup always circled back to where they initially found it.

Eldad and Loreta agreed to divide and conquer to secure the dog. Loreta stayed behind to set the humane trap while Eldad kept an eye on the dog by car. As they executed this plan, something unexpected happened.

Loreta called Eldad and told him a woman approached her about the dog. According to the woman, the pooch felt comfortable with her as she fed it and looked after it every day. Loreta asked Eldad to guide the pup back as the woman wants to help them get the dog off the street.

Eldad followed the dog back to its original spot and marveled at what he saw. He realized the pooch trusted the woman entirely and showed genuine happiness to see her. In no time at all, the woman had the pup inside the humane trap.

The rescuers thanked the woman, Elizabeth Serrato, for her help. As Loreta described her, with her immaculate makeup, she looked like the dog’s guardian angel. With the pup finally off the streets, the rescuers drove to the hospital.

Eldad and Loreta decided to name the dog, a female, Maya. Maya recovered fully and now eagerly looks forward to finding her forever home. Without people like Elizabeth, homeless dogs like Maya won’t get a new lease in life, and the world is better because of them.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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