Wintertime is best season for some of us. It’s when the world is wrapped in a pretty blanket of white, making the whole place magical.

Sure, too much cold makes our joints hurt, and the general absence of warmth is a downer, but the snow always has its perks.

One of them was definitely enjoyed by a German Shepherd named Balto. It snowed hard that day and seeing a mountain of white, the pet proceeded to have the time of his life.

At first, Balto scratched at the powdery-white thing just outside his home’s door. He was probably checking if his coat’s enough to counter the biting cold.

He must have found it likely because the next thing his dad knew, Balto disappeared in a sea of white. The pet jumped into the snow pile, much like we would in a pile of leaves.

Fortunately, he was back up, perky ears appearing first, while the rest of his body was still nowhere to be seen. Balto then fully reappeared and then shook his coat to avoid getting cold.

The happy dog bounded and looked around, pushing blankets of white off as he went. He was so effective at making a path that dad wondered if they should use the dog to get some snow cleared.

That’s a great idea, dad, and it’s one we should explore too. If they think of it as play, and it gets important work done, why not? It’s worth a try.

Something tells us that if done right, Balto will look forward to clearing snow. He’ll do whatever it takes to play, even if it comes with an ulterior motive.

Good for you, Balto. We’re glad that you find joy in the most simple things. Thanks for reminding us to be grateful for the little things. Cheers to more of the little stuff in life that makes us whole!

Photo and video credits to DogLove24 via YouTube


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