There are things in life that we consciously choose like what to wear on a specific day or what to eat. But most of the time, we encounter things that are beyond our control. We call it coincidence, fate, and a lot more but it’s just basically what life chooses for us. For Nikki Delventhal, meeting her dog Camper was just meant to be.

For the past year, Nikki lived her dream of an unconventional life. She set out to explore America and the beauty it has to offer doing road trips with her Prius and hiking through different trails. One day, she managed to convince her mom to join her on her adventure for quite some time. So they went on a hiking trip together.

On their way to the hiking site, while driving up the dirt road, Nikki noticed that an animal followed her car. It turned out to be a puppy and when she opened her car door, the puppy jumped right into her. As they prepared to start their hike, she did not think that the puppy would stay but it did.

During the entire trail up, he walked closely by them even when he limped. And on the way back, he never let them out of his sight walking back down with them. At the end of the hike, Nikki convinced her mom to take him because they couldn’t just leave him there.

They talked to every person they passed by, asking if they knew the dog but no one did. They also tried contacting local shelters to find his owner but while they were doing that, they visited a vet. It turned out that the puppy was just five months old and with his situation, it was very possible that he was a stray dog.

They kept him for a few days to do a full check-up. Nikki couldn’t get him off her mind so she went back, picked him up from the vet, and named him Camper because he was her camping buddy. The once stray puppy found a soulmate with Nikki and she found hers in him.

Camper is now attached to Nikki by the hip and they spend 90 percent of their time outdoors exploring the wilderness. They’re living their best life. For Nikki, Camper was the best thing that ever happened in her life.

Source: YouTube via Nikki Delventhal


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