Commuters on a freeway in Washington got scared when they saw a car driving erratically. The driver hit two other vehicles, and he didn’t seem to be concerned at all. The wayward automobile just kept going and placed other cars in danger.

Numerous people called 911, reporting the deadly situation. The car exceeded 110 miles per hour, and it was not slowing down any time soon. The Washington State Patrol quickly responded, ready to stop the speeding car before anything worse could happen. What they discovered in the end was not what they expected.

High-speed chase

Several patrol cars were sent to chase the deranged driver. They tried hard to corner him, but he just kept evading them. The vehicle even went faster. To avoid the troopers, the driver even turned to a busy trail, which was meant for bikers and pedestrians. Thankfully, no one got hit.

Cops later said that it was a miracle that there were not many people using the trail, and those that were there were not hurt. They knew that they had to end the chase right away.

The troopers radioed ahead and informed the other officers that the speeding car was heading toward them. The waiting cops put some spike strips on the road and busted his tires. The vehicle finally came to a stop. What greeted them was very unusual.

A driving dog

Troopers were shocked to see a dog sitting behind the wheel. Next to him was his owner. The man was handling the steering wheel while in the passenger seat. The officers asked him what was going on, and the dog owner said he was teaching his pet to drive.

The troopers couldn’t help but shake their heads when they heard his excuse. It was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard in their career. Nevertheless, they arrested and charged him with reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, hit and run, and felony eluding.

On the other hand, the sweet dog was taken to a nearby shelter. She will likely be put up for adoption.

Source: Lum Media via Facebook

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