Undoubtedly, many of us were terrified of our high school principals back in the day. If ever they would ask to talk to us, there was a good chance that we were in trouble. But this wasn’t the case with the principal of The Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship in Plymouth, Indiana.

The Crossing is an alternative educational platform for struggling high school students who wish to have another chance at education. Given this school’s unique student population, principal Bryan Saint-Louis took it upon himself to keep a close eye on the students.

Whenever students stopped coming to class or their grades plummeted, Bryan would visit them at home and motivate them. This principal went the extra mile to make sure his students would succeed and get their diplomas.

Carson is among those students that Bryan had motivated to continue coming to school so he could graduate. Because of his principal, Carson improved his grades and he got his diploma. The grateful student wanted to do something special for Bryan, so upon learning that their beloved principal had just lost his pet doggo, Carson knew exactly how to repay him.

With the help of his fellow students and his teachers, Carson spearheaded a fundraising campaign so they could buy their principal a new puppy. And in just two weeks, they raised $470 and bought a beautiful black poodle whom they named Hugo.

Bryan was doing a motivational speech for one of the classes at The Crossing when Carson and his classmates surprised him with the puppy. When they placed Hugo on Bryan’s lap, the principal was speechless. But he probably just composed himself as he didn’t want to cry in front of the students. Bryan then thanked everyone and said that he considers himself extremely lucky to have them in his life.

Watch Carson and the students surprise Bryan in the touching clip below.

Credits: RightThisMinute

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