Everyone knows how curious our canine pals are whenever they encounter new objects in their territory. Though it’s their first time to meet such an item, dogs find a way to explore it carefully.

With this, one curious canine takes its time to approach a crow standing on a grassy area of their lawn. Yet, it looks like the dog fails to recognize that the crow’s a mere statue as it warily approaches it.

Don’t move, little birdie.

In this thrilling video clip, a black-furred dog named Bleka stands on their grassy yard. Not far away from Bleka, one can see a crow facing her.

Most dogs would’ve energetically chased the crow away by now, but Bleka decides not to use such a strategy. Careful not to alarm the bird, the black doggo slowly moves forward one step at a time.

Even if the crow doesn’t move from its current position, Bleka makes sure not to alert it with her movements as she continues walking in slow motion. At some point, the hesitant dog even stares at the bird for a good few seconds before deciding to take another step forward.

Got yeah!

As the video progressed, Bleka continues moving at a slow pace towards the crow’s direction. Even if the crow doesn’t make any movement, the sharp canine carries on with its earlier strategy to avoid startling the bird.

For the next few seconds, Bleka appears to be in limbo as she makes slow progress with her plan. Even if the pup’s merely a few inches away from the bird, Bleka keeps her guard up in case her target suddenly moves.

Finally, after a painstakingly slow process, the patient doggo makes it to the crow’s location. Do you think Bleka realized the crow’s only a statue? Feel free to watch Bleka in live-action in the footage below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube

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