Forsberg is a Golden Retriever that has an orange tabby vat named Ginger as his best friend. The two are inseparable and they have a strong bond forged by a friendship spanning almost nine years. Every day was a chance to be closer; you would only need to look for one to find the other.

As they are both senior animals, they usually just lounge around. Forsberg being the bigger the two would sometimes be Ginger’s bed. The cat would snuggle by the dog’s side, basking in the warmth protection that her best friend provides.

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Sadly though, their happiness didn’t last. When Ginger was 15 years old, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and passed away soon after.


Forsberg most likely didn’t know that the cat died but he started missing her presence. When the days passed and there was no sign of his best friend, the dog started missing her. There would be times that he would go around and the house and look for the cat. But sadly, she was not to be found.

The dog started to become lonely and depressed. He didn’t understand why his feline friend was not by his side. His depression grew worse as time went by. He spent most of his days sleeping or looking out the window.

Jen Philion, the dog’s owner, watched sadly as her dog delved deeper into loneliness. She tried giving him extra attention but it didn’t work. And when she finally couldn’t watch him in his state, she decided to surprise him with a new kitten.

A new friend

Jen hoped that a new cat would lift the spirits of Forsberg. So she started looking for one. She finally found a little black kitten and named her Max. She wasn’t sure though if the two creatures would hit it off.

As it turned out, she didn’t have anything to worry about. Forsberg and Max hit it off right away. The little kitten felt right at home with the senior dog and amazingly did the same things that Ginger did with him before. And after two years, they are still at it.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube


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