This sad-looking dog had made this dumpster his home and he’d been living in it for a little less than a year when finally someone saw the state he was in and decided to call Hope For Paws. Before the call was made, the same person had been looking after the poor thing, leaving food and water for him whenever possible, but couldn’t quite convince the dog to come along and be adopted. The dog had grown accustomed to his humble abode, and he was receiving food on a regular basis, so perhaps he felt that there was no need to leave. He was content.

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Luckily for him, he wouldn’t have to stay in the dumpster for much longer, because a much better kind of life was waiting for him — but first, he had to meet his rescuers. When they arrived, the dog was on high alert, which was understandable because the other people who had tried to adopt him, including the one who had been feeding him, also had difficulty getting close to him. Still, that didn’t mean he would be refusing a perfectly delectable meal, and the rescuers happily fed him with pieces of the cheeseburger.

They were eventually able to secure the poor guy by tricking him into inserting his head into the loop of their leash using the remaining cheeseburger as bait. He looked like he was going to panic initially, but after the gentle touches and the soft whispers of reassurances, he started to take it easy and even allowed one of them to carry him to the car. After his rough life in the dumpster, he quickly learned that there was more to life than hiding and scraping for food, and he now lives with his foster mom, where he spends his days playing, napping, and eating. He was given the name Cowboy.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube

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