Sometimes, something beautiful happens in our lives that we don’t expect. There’s no way we can predict the future, but when that moment comes, we will feel it in our hearts, and we will always know what to do. For a woman vacationing in Puerto Rico, that something happened in the form of a stray dog.

A woman named Chelsey planned on having a family beach day while on holiday in Puerto Rico. Chelsey didn’t expect that something beautiful will happen to her on that particular day. While spending the day at the beach, Chelsey happened to see a stray puppy.

Chelsey called the puppy to come near her, which the puppy did. When the puppy got closer, Chelsey saw that it was almost hairless and the skin was a little red from being inflamed. Chelsey couldn’t believe how gentle the puppy was and decided to take the puppy with her and let it spend the day with her at the beach.

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The puppy felt completely safe with Chelsey that it even started showing his belly to ask for belly rubs, which he got. Chelsey knew that she couldn’t leave the puppy behind and decided to take the puppy home with her. However, before Chelsey could take the puppy home to the US, the puppy needed to recover first.

Chelsey decided to name the puppy, Toby. Chelsey found it hard to believe that Toby survived despite his condition. Because Toby’s skin was swollen and he looked really sick, Chelsey decided to take Toby to the vet to get assessed and also to get treated for his mange.

After two weeks of treatment, Toby’s skin started to improve. What was bright red before, Toby’s skin started to look healthy, and the swelling also subsided. Toby’s also feeling a lot better, and by the third week, Toby’s fur started to grow. On the fourth week, almost all of Toby’s body was covered in beautiful black fur.

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Despite everything that Toby went through in his previous life, he’s still very sweet and gentle. Toby loves being cuddled and get belly scratches. After Toby fully recovered, he traveled back to California with Chelsey.

Chelsey fostered Toby until Toby found his forever home. Toby’s story serves as an inspiration for everyone. All stray dogs deserve a forever home. All they need from us is love. Here’s an inspiring video where a family beach trip turned into a rescue of a mangy dog. Watch how Toby made a miraculous transformation into a beautiful dog with an amazing personality.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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