Going to a place that makes us feel excited and alive is one of the best experiences we could ever have. It’s like a positive reminder that we’re right smack where the action’s at, and we’re all for it.

That’s possibly close to what this Golden Retriever feels whenever he visits his favorite store. The pet’s name is Hudson, and he loves shopping.

His mom indulges him from time to time, and he never fails to show his appreciation of this store every time they visit. We don’t know what’s in that little shop, but whatever it is, Hudson loves it.

He eagerly stood on his hind paws and watched the saleslady wrap something up. He was observant and polite at the same time.

The lady couldn’t help but ask Huson if he had a gift for her. The pet was so intent on taking everything in that he didn’t feel his legs cramp.

If he did, he didn’t let on. After all, what’s a little discomfort compared to having a front-seat ticket to all the action on the cashier’s side?

Hudson was adorable in his outfit for the day. The golden pet rocked a handkerchief around his neck, and we have to admit that he did look handsome.

He was so well-behaved, observing, internalizing, and appreciating the opportunity he has been given. Hudson was probably attracted to the sound of the cashier’s register, or a scent he liked in that section.

Perhaps he just wondered how this lady manages to get him all the stuff he needs. He and mom just go there sometimes, but this lady always gives him something nice.

Well, we’ll let your mom explain how that works, but for now, observe and marvel to your heart’s content. Once you find out that mom pays for all of that, we know you’ll do the right thing. Cheers!

Photo and video credits to DogLove24 via YouTube

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