For a dog, nothing is surely more important than having hoomans to love and finding awesome stuff to play with. This Golden Retriever who lives in the United Kingdom is our proof.

He has loving parents so when he found a water pump in their backyard, his life was completed. The thing shoots water up and when it comes down on his face, it’s the best feeling, ever.

In this pet’s mind, he controlled the rain, and that excited him to no end. He felt so accomplished because in the canine community, whoever controls the fun stuff is king of the playground.

The doggo pawed at the water pump, waiting for water to shoot up so he could play with it. He did, and the liquid shot up and came down like rain as expected.

That made the doggo even more eager to do it again, but he struggled with pressing the right part of the controls. He became impatient and scratched at the pump repeatedly.

He even chewed on the ring, where the water shoots off from. Fortunately, he didn’t break it just yet because his frantic pawing finally yielded results. The goofball once again enjoyed his instant rain.

When the water came down, he turned his face up to enjoy this little feeling of paradise right in their backyard. That intense feeling was further magnified because he could control it.

Something tells us that this doggo will search for this water pump every day. He’d be annoyed if he didn’t see that wonderful thing out, ready to give him controlled rain at any moment he liked.

We think if there were sprinklers, the doggo would be over the moon with joy. If this water pump control gave him excitement, water sprinklers would boost that feeling for sure.

Here’s to many more days with everything that makes you happy, pet. Try not to get too excited, okay?

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube


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