What could be more adorable than a pooch quite attached to his bestie that they can’t stop cuddling together? The answer is a pooch whose bestie happens to be a stuffed toy that kind of looks like him. And that’s exactly what this story is about.

Meet Barley, an instafamous golden retriever with at least 80k followers on Instagram. Barley lives in Amsterdam. He’s 1.5 years old, which means he’s relatively young.

Barley’s Instagram page has reached viral proportions. That is thanks to his innate cuteness and his charming relationship with a stuffed toy. Barley can’t stand a minute without his bestie by his side.

Barley’s bestie is aptly named Fluffy. They share one thing in common-they’re both undeniable cute. Alongside Fluffy, Barley shares his home with his doting humans, Marc and Zita.

Fluffy was introduced to Barley since day one. The first time Barley came home, Fluffy was already waiting for him. Since then the two have become virtually inseparable.

According to Barley’s humans, Fluffy used to be bigger than Barley. Now the pup has outgrown his stuffed toy bestie. This does not mean Barley has taken to imposing his dominance over his smaller friend.

Yes, their friendship has remained as sweet and inspiring as before.

Barley’s relationship with Fluffy has inspired countless Instagram followers. These followers are more than delighted to receive regular photo updates from the charming duo. In fact, they can’t seem to get enough.

Thankfully, Barley’s humans are dedicated to spreading Barley and Fluffy’s story as consistently as they can hence the duo’s followers are never left dissatisfied. Their page attracts new followers on a regular basis.

Barley’s relationship with Fluffy shows that dogs are not just man’s best friend. They are also dependable allies of stuffed toys. This is further proof of the canine species’ innate goodness.

Thanks to Barleyboy


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