Pitbulls are known to be aggressive, protective, and fearless. It can fight anybody or anything just to protect its owner or family.

Hulk was a well-known big pitbull. He was Marlon and Lisa Grennan’s favorite pet. Hulk’s ferocious and protective attitude gained him a lot of fans.

He was known to be the giant pitbull with a massive body built. It was the reason why many people were amazed at his appearance.

Hulk was also popular among dog breeders in particular. They loved his strength and courage. The dog breeders would love to train their own dogs to be as fearless and powerful as Hulk.

But Hulk was not just a ferocious pet, he can also be nice and sweet, especially with his parents. Despite his brave and ferocious personality, they trusted him to not harm anyone in the family.

When Hulk’s parents had their newborn baby, they felt overjoyed for him to meet the new addition to the family. Hulk’s parents never worried about him turning hostile to the baby.

Hulk’s parents knew he would fall in love with the baby the moment he sees it. And as expected, Hulk became the newborn baby’s big brother.

They allowed Hulk to get close to the baby. The parents also permitted Hulk to give the baby some licks and kisses.

Hulk grew even closer to the infant because of this. Hulk felt like he was already the older brother and main caretaker of the little baby.

This was not new to Hulk as he also took care of his parents’ eldest child when he was still a baby. This comforted his parents as they knew the baby was safe in his care.

With Hulk’s loving demeanor toward the newborn, his parents felt he would always look after and protect the new addition to the family.

Source: Beastly via YouTube

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