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A wedding in 2017 became viral not because it was lavish or grand or the ones getting married were famous. It became famous because it had a furry ring bearer.

The ring bearer is Piggy. He is a rescue dog and he was given the important role of being the ring bearer.

David Michael, the groom, wanted to give his bride a surprise on their wedding day. He says that his bride loves animals.

Todd Emko is David’s friend and he owns a rescue dog. He also is one of the founders of Darwin Animal Doctors, an organization that gives assistance to animals who are injured or are sick. He asked his friend if Piggy can be part of their wedding.

Todd said that he was happy to help David by allowing Piggy to join the entourage. What surprised them though was that Jenny, the bride, also thought of using Piggy as a ring bearer. With that, they all worked on a plan.

Piggy used to be a stray in one of the beaches in the Dominican Republic. One day, he was hit by a bus and that injured one of his back legs. The vets who took care of Piggy after the accident had to amputate the leg to save the dog’s life.

Todd learned about Piggy and what happened so they adopted him. From the Dominican Republic, they brought the dog to the United States. They helped Piggy recover. When he was well, Piggy was always with Todd when he is doing his job with Darwin Animal Doctors.

On the day of the wedding, Piggy left everyone in awe at the cute little ring bearer who had three legs. He walked proudly down the aisle and the couple was very happy to have him there. He was patient and seemed happy to be part of the wedding.

Source: Emily Main


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