Our puppers are so smart that they can learn almost anything that we teach them. But we have to remember that even though we see our fur babies as family members, they are still animals, and their ability to understand things have limits. And one of the things that they have a hard time understanding is technology.

That’s why when we let them watch TV, they sometimes react to the things they see and hear. Obviously, what’s happening on TV isn’t really happening in our living rooms. But for our puppers, it’s all real, and they will definitely react to the scenes, which is pretty hilarious.

The Golden Retriever in the viral video below is one of those furballs who overreacted to the movie that they’re watching. The pooch was in their living room watching a movie with her humans when the scenes got pretty intense.

On the screen, we can see a kid riding his bike to a shopping mall while his two dogs escorted him. When they got to the mall’s parking lot, a woman was shown loading her groceries into the trunk of her car when a purse snatcher appeared and grabbed her purse!

The Golden Retriever couldn’t help but bark at the TV, and it seemed like she wanted to help. She even looked at her humans as if to say, “So you’re just going to sit there and watch?”

When the doggo looked at the TV screen again, she saw the two puppers chase the criminal, who got her pretty excited. She continued to bark at the TV, and this time, we think she was cheering the doggos on. The thief ended up getting caught when one of the pups pushed a grocery cart into his path — much to the delight of the Golden Retriever.

But what caught our attention in this clip is the fact that the pooch already barked at the purse snatcher as soon as she saw him on the TV screen. It’s like the doggo already knew the man was about to commit a crime. Dogs really have incredible instincts when it comes to sensing danger.

Credits: BVIRAL

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